Hotel Harka, where
the legend comes to life!

Idyllic Mediterranean hotel and a relaxing environment awaits guests looking for rest, recreation and rejuvenation.

Harkány's sulphuric thermal water heals the body and soul, there are atmospheric wine cellars and an eventful cultural life in South Baranya County.


About our hotel

Our hotel has a decade-old past; it has a quiet and idyllic atmosphere and a relaxing environment awaiting guests looking for rest, recreation and rejuvenation.

The quiet hotel is the perfect place for relaxation with a small-town atmosphere and thermal water healing for the body and the soul. It feels good to sit in the hotel’s hidden garden with a good book or a glass of Villány wine, to walk in the town’s parks and promenades, to take a dip in the sulphuric thermal water or to enjoy the culinary delights of the region. The Mediterranean region’s atmospheric wine cellars, the bustling cultural and leisure options of Pécs entice our guests to many activities.


The Legend of Harka

The ancient legend says that even the devil cast his eyes on Harka, the beautiful daughter of the old witch who lived at the foot of the Harsány hill. The old woman challenged the devil and told him he could only gain her daughter’s hand if he managed to plough the rocky hillside in just one night, by the first cry of the cockerel. The witch, seeing that the devil had almost completed the job, played a trick, and before dawn started making cockerel cries herself. In his anger at failing the challenge, the devil stamped his foot hard and where he was swallowed up by the earth, a hot sulphuric spring has sprung.


"Once there lived old Nan here She had a daughter named Harka unmatched in beauty in the whole land."








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Hotel Harka

Our hotel is seasonal.

7815 Harkány, Kossuth Lajos utca 65.
+36 70 286 0639

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